NQ Mod Changes Edit

  • Removed UU: B17
  • [New UU] Pioneer (replaces Settler): Has a combat value of 5 (not a Civilian unit). Cannot attack. 3 movement and Ignores terrain costs. Costs ~25% less Production.
  • Treasures of Nineveh (UA Remade): Gain a free Great Work of Writing, Art, or Music whenever you conquer an enemy city. Can only happen once per city.
    • Note: This will yield a Great Work of Writing if you have an available slot. Lacking that, it will prefer Art second. Music is preferred last. If you don't have any slots available, you get nothing.
  • Royal Library - Filling the Great Work slot grants 15 XP to units (up from 10 XP). The first Royal Library you build gets a free Great Work of Writing
  • No changes
  • [UA Remake] Diplomatic Marriage: Other Civilizations may not send Gold gifts to City States that have been your Ally for the last 5 turns.
  • Free Great Scientist now arrives at Philosophy (instead of Writing).
  • Pracinha - Now has Foreign Lands bonus (+20% Combat Strength in foreign territory).
  • Brazilwood Camp - Now available at Bronze Working (instead of Machinery). Provides +1 Production (instead of +2 Gold). Gains +2 Gold at Machinery and +2 Culture at Acoustics.
  • Phoenician Heritage - No longer requires Great General (can cross mountains from the beginning of the game). Now also makes your Cargo Ships immune to being plundered.
  • African Forest Elephant (UU): No longer has increased production cost (same as regular horseman). If attacking from higher elevation into a lower elevation tile (example: hills to flat land, or mountain to any non-mountain), gains +20% Combat Strength and knocks enemies back (like Polish Winged Hussar - i.e. if the enemy cannot be knocked back, deals 50% additional damage).
  • [UA Remake] Art of War: Land units that start the turn on or adjacent to Great Generals get +1 movement that turn.
    • Note: UA No longer provides +50% Great General points nor combat bonus from Great Generals.
  • Chu-ko-nu: Now uses regular Logistics promotion instead of unique one, preventing triple attack upgrade.
  • Norwegian Ski Infantry - removed (UU changed to Longship).
  • Longship - new UU for Denmark, replaces Trireme. Gets +2 movement (6 base) and transfers its movement to any embarked units under it at the start of turn.
  • Updated UA "City of Light" - removed old effect and replaced with "In your Capital, whenever you build a World Wonder with any Great Work slots or a Guild, gain one free cultural Great Person that matches the type of slots or Guild."
    • Note: You only get 1 free Great Person regardless of the total number of Great Work slots in the wonder. If built in the capital, this happens once for each Guild, and once each for the following 8 World Wonders: Great Library, Parthenon, Globe Theater, Sistine Chapel, Uffizi, Louvre, Broadway, Sydney Opera House.
    • This will only give you a Great Person the first time you build each Guild. You can't gain multiple Great People by selling and rebuilding them or having them conquered and rebuilding them in your new Capital.
  • Furor Teutonicus - Chance to convert increased to 100% (up from 67%).
  • Population Growth: Unhappiness penalty for number of Cities removed. Reduction in Unhappiness from Population nerfed to -25% (down from -50%).
  • War Elephant: No longer costs increased Production (compared to Chariot Archer).
  • Mughal Fort: Now provides +1 Defense per Citizen in the City (instead of flat +7).
  • Spice Islanders - UA no longer requires cities to be on separate continents, but does require cities to be coastal.
    • Note: Indonesian unique luxuries (Nutmeg, Cloves, and Pepper) no longer provide +2 Gold on the city tile. Players will no longer receive City State quests or We Love The King Day luxury requests for Nutmeg, Cloves, or Pepper.
  • Kris Swordsman - Evil Spirits and Enemy Blade promotions removed from the game.
  • Longhouse - Now grants +10% Production like regular Workshop.
  • [Bug Fix] Iroquois UA now works correctly with roads adjacent to forests/jungles.
  • Removed UU: Zero
  • [New UB] Dojo (replaces Barracks): Also provides +2 Science and grants units trained in the city +10% Combat Strength.
  • UA now makes specialists give +1 Science (down from +2). Great person tile improvements remain unchanged at +2 Science.
  • Pyramid: Gold maintenance cost reduced to 0 (down from 1). Science bonus reduced to +1 (down from +2).
  • Start Bias: Avoid Tundra
  • [UA] Golden Hajj: +1 Gold from Mines. During Golden Ages, all tiles that produce at least 1 Gold also provide 1 Faith.
  • [UU] Skirmisher (replaces Composite Bowman): Ignores terrain costs.
  • [UB] Treasury (replaces Mint): Can be built everywhere. Also provides +2 Gold from Salt. When constructed, reveals a new source of Copper, Silver, Gold, or Salt on an appropriate unimproved tile within the City's borders (if possible).
  • Known Issue: The UU and UB borrow art from other parts of the game.
  • Gateway To Africa - Now scales with era. Each trading partner will grant an additional +1 Gold / +1 Culture per era (3/1 ancient, 4/2 classical, 5/3 medieval, etc, per partner).
  • Now receives a Wetlands start bias (only with NQMap v7.0 and up).
  • Dutch East India Company - Old UA replaced entirely: +1 Happiness per unique Luxury in the Empire and +1 Gold from Luxury resource tiles.
  • No longer have a coastal start bias.
  • Replaced UA entirely - new UA is "Millets: Each city gets +1 Happiness for each Religion in that city with at least 1 Follower."
  • Sipahi - Now available at Gunpowder and costs 20% less Production to train.
  • Janissary - Costs 20% less Production to train.
  • Solidarity - Old UA replaced with: Culture cost of adopting new Policies reduced by 20%.
    • Note: The game rounds culture costs to the nearest 5, so it won't be exact.
  • Winged Hussar (UU): No longer has the Shock I promotion for free.
  • Wayfinding (UA): Now also provides all embarked units with +1 movement and extra defense (like Songhai War Canoes).
  • Maori Warrior (UU): Now has 9 Combat Strength (up from 8).
  • Feitoria (UI): Now available at Compass (instead of Navigation).
  • Now has River start bias (instead of Avoid Tundra).
  • River Warlord (UA): No longer provides War Canoes promotion. Instead, now also allows units to ignore terrain costs while moving along or across rivers.
    • Note: Still provides triple gold from pillaging barb camps and cities.
  • Unique Ability now grants 100 gold per Natural Wonder discovered regardless of whether you found it first (down from 500 gold for first finder and 100 gold otherwise).
  • Conquistador - no longer a unique for Spain (moved to Exploration opener).
  • [New UB] Plaza de Toros: Replaces Circus. Provides an additional +2 Culture and can also be constructed with an improved source of Cows.
  • Removed UUs: Hakkapeliitta & Carolean
    • Note: If you get a Hakkapeliitta as a gift from a Military City State, it still buffed as follows: Now also receives +1 movement (5 total) and the Charge promotion for free (+33% Combat Strength vs wounded units).
  • [Updated UA] Nobel Prize: +25% Great Person points in all cities. Gain Science whenever a Great Person is born.
    • Formula: Bonus Science = 20 * Current Era (on Quick Speed)
  • [New UU] Great Humanitarian (replaces Great Merchant): Trade Missions with City States earn 90 Influence (up from 30) and +25% more Gold than usual.
  • [New UB] Falu Gruva (replaces Ironworks): National Wonder - In addition to the +8 Production of the Ironworks it replaces, Falu Gruva provides +8 Gold, +1 Production from hills worked by the City, and +4 Great Merchant points. Upon discovering Flight, it also provides +6 Tourism. Only Sweden may build it.
  • Removed from the game.

Civilization FeaturesEdit



Starting Bias, heheEdit

List of CivilizationsEdit

Civ Unique1 Unique2 Ability
Icon America
Icon Minuteman Icon Pioneer Manifest Destiny:
  • All land military units have +1 sight
  • 50% Gold font icon discount when purchasing tiles
Icon Arabia
Icon Camel Archer Icon Bazaar Ships of the Desert:
  • Trade Route 2 font icon Caravans gain 50% extended range
  • Your Trade Route font icon trade routes spread the home city's Religion font icon religion twice as effectively
  • Oil font icon Oil resources are doubled
Icon Assyria
Icon Siege Tower Icon Royal Library Treasures of Nineveh:
  • Gain a free Great Works font icon Great Work of Writing, Art, or Music whenever you conquer an enemy city. Can only happen once per city.
Icon Austria
Icon Hussar Icon Coffee House Diplomatic Marriage:
  • Other Civilizations may not send Quest Gifts font icon Gold gifts to City State font icon City States that have been your ally for the last 5 turns
Icon Aztecs
Icon Jaguar Icon Floating Gardens Sacrificial Captives:
  • Gains Culture font icon Culture for the empire from each enemy units killed
Icon Babylon
Icon Bowman Icon Walls of Babylon Ingenuity:
  • Receive free Great Scientist font icon Great Scientist when you discover Science font icon Philosophy
  • Earn Great Scientist font icon Great Scientists 50% faster
Icon Brazil
Icon Pracinha Icon Brazilwood Camp Carnival:
  • Tourism font icon Tourism output is +100% during Golden Age font icon Golden Ages
  • Earn Great Artist font icon Great Artists, Great Musician font icon Musicians, and Great Writer font icon Writers 50% faster during Golden Age font icon Golden Ages
Icon Byzantium
Icon Cataphract Icon Dromon Patriarch of Constantinople:
  • Choose one more Pantheon font icon Belief than normal when you found a Religion font icon Religion
Icon Carthage
Icon African Forest Elephant Icon Quinquereme Phoenician Heritage:
  • All coastal cities get a free Harbor
  • Your Trade Route 2 font icon cargo ships cannot be plundered
  • Units may cross mountains, taking 50 HP damage if they end a turn of a mountain
Icon Celts
Icon Pictish Warrior Icon Ceilidh Hall Druid Lore:
  • +1 Faith font icon Faith per city with an adjacent unimproved forest
  • Bonus increases to +2 Faith font icon Faith in cities with 3 or more adjacent unimproved forest tiles
Icon China
Icon Chu-ko-nu Icon Paper Maker Art of War:
  • Military land units that start the turn on or adjacent to a Great General font icon Great General have +1 Movement font icon movement
Icon Denmark
Icon Berserker Icon Longship Viking Fury:
  • Embarked units have +1 Movement font icon Movement and pay just 1 movement point to move from sea to land
  • Melee units pay no movement point cost to pillage
Icon Egypt
Icon War Chariot Icon Burial Tomb Monument Builders:
  • 20% Production font icon Production towards Wonder Construction
Icon England
Icon Longbowman Icon Ship of the Line Sun Never Sets:
  • +2 Movement font icon Movement for all naval units
  • Receives 1 extra spy
Icon Ethiopia
Icon Mehal Sefari Icon Stele Spirit of Adwa:
  • Strength font icon Combat bonus (+20%) when fighting units from a Civilization with more Cities than Ethiopia
Icon France
Icon Musketeer Icon Chateau City of Light:
  • Whenever a Guild or a World Wonder with Great Works font icon Great Work slots is built in the Capital font icon Capital, gain one free cultural Great Person of the matching type
Icon Germany
Icon Panzer Icon Hanse Furor Teutonicus:
  • Upon defeating a Barbarian unit inside an encampment, earn 25 Gold font icon Gold and they join your side
  • Pay 25% less for Quest Gifts font icon land unit maintenance
Icon Greece
Icon Hoplite Icon Companion Cavalry Hellenic League:
  • City-State Influence font icon Influence degrades at half and recovers at twice the normal rate
Icon Huns
Icon Horse Archer Icon Battering Ram Scourge of God:
  • Raze font icon Raze Cities at double speed
  • Borrow City names from other in-game Civs
  • Start with Science font icon Animal Husbandry technology
  • +1 Production font icon Production per pasture
Icon Inca
Icon Slinger Icon Terrace Farm Great Andean Road:
  • Units ignore terrain costs when moving into any tile with Hills
  • No Quest Gifts font icon maintenance cost for improvement in Hills; half cost elsewhere
Icon India
Icon War Elephant Icon Mughal Fort Population Growth:
  • Unhappiness font icon Unhappiness from number of Citizen font icon Citizens reduced by 25%
Icon Indonesia
Icon Kris Swordsman Icon Candi Spice Islanders:
  • The first 3 coastal cities founded after the Capital font icon Capital each provide 2 unique Luxury Resources Cloves font icon Nutmeg font icon Pepper font icon (and can never be razed)
Icon Iroquois
Icon Mohawk Warrior Icon Longhouse The Great Warpath:
  • Units move through Forest and Jungle in friendly territory as if they were Roads
  • These tiles can be used to establish City Connection font icon City Connections upon researching Science font icon The Wheel
  • Trade Route 2 font icon Caravans move along Forest and Jungle as if they were roads
Icon Japan
Icon Samurai Icon Steel Bushido:
  • Units fight as though they were at full Strength font icon strength even when damaged
  • +1 Culture font icon Culture from each Fishing Boat and +2 Culture font icon Culture from each Atoll
Icon Korea
Icon Turtle Ship Icon Hwach'a Scholars of the Jade Hall:
  • +1 Science font icon Science for all Citizen font icon specialists and +2 Science font icon Science for all Great Person tile improvements
  • Receive a Science font icon tech boost each time a scientific building/Wonder is built in the Korean Capital font icon Capital
Icon Mali
Icon Skirmisher Icon Treasury Golden Hajj:
  • +1 Gold font icon Gold from Mines
  • During Golden Age font icon Golden Ages, any tile that produces at least 1 Gold font icon Gold also produces 1 Faith font icon Faith
Icon Maya
Icon Atlatlist Icon Pyramid The Long Count:
  • After researching Science font icon Theology, receive a bonus GPP font icon Great Person at the end of every Maya Long Count calendar cycle (every 394 years)
  • Each bonus person can be chosen only once
Icon Mongolia
Icon Keshik Icon Khan Mongol Terror:
  • Strength font icon Combat Strength +30% when fighting City State font icon City-State units or attack a City-State itself
  • All mounted units have +1 Movement font icon Movement
Icon Morocco
Icon Berber Cavalry Icon Kasbah Gateway to Africa:
  • +3 Gold font icon Gold and +1 Culture font icon Culture for each Trade Route font icon Trade Route with a different civ or City State font icon City-State, increasing by +1 Gold font icon Gold and +1 Culture font icon Culture each Era
  • Other Civs gain +2 Gold font icon Gold for each Trade Route font icon Trade Route sent to Morocco
Icon Netherlands
Icon Sea Beggar Icon Polder Dutch East India Company:
  • Each unique Luxury is worth +1 Happiness font icon Happiness for the empire, and Luxury Resource tiles produce +1 Gold font icon Gold
Icon Ottomans
Icon Janissary Icon Sipahi Millets:
  • Each city gets +1 Happiness font icon Happiness for each Religion font icon World Religion with at least 1 follower in that city
Icon Persia
Icon Immortal Icon Satrap's Court Achaemenid Legacy:
  • Golden Age font icon Golden Ages last 50% longer
  • During a Golden Age font icon Golden Age, units receive +1 Movement font icon Movement and a +10% Strength font icon Combat Strength bonus
Icon Poland
Icon Winged Hussar Icon Ducal Stable Solidarity:
  • Culture font icon Culture cost of adopting new Policies reduced by 20%
Icon Polynesia
Icon Maori Warrior Icon Moai Wayfinding:
  • Can embark and move over oceans immediately
  • +1 Sight, +1 Movement font icon Movement, and extra Strength font icon defense when embarked
  • +10% Strength font icon Combat Strength bonus if within 2 tiles of a Moai
Icon Portugal
Icon Nau Icon Feitoria Mare Clausum:
  • Resource diversity grants twice as much Gold font icon Gold for Portugal in Trade Route font icon Trade Routes
Icon Rome
Icon Legion Icon Ballista The Glory of Rome:
  • 25% Production font icon Production towards any buildings that already exist in the Capital font icon Capital
Icon Russia
Icon Cossack Icon Krepost Siberian Riches:
  • Strategic Resources provide +1 Production font icon Production
  • Horse, Iron and Uranium Resources provide double quantity
Icon Shoshone
Icon Pathfinder Icon Comanche Riders Great Expanse:
  • Founded cities start with additional territory
  • Units receive a Strength font icon combat bonus when fighting within their own territory
Icon Siam
Icon Naresuan's Elephant Icon Wat Father Governs Children:
  • Food font icon Food, Culture font icon Culture, and Faith font icon Faith from friendly City State font icon City States increased by 50%
Icon Songhai
Icon Mandekalu Cavalry Icon Mud Pyramid Mosque River Warlord:
  • Receive triple Gold font icon Gold from Barbarian encampments and pillaging Cities
  • Land units gain the Amphibious promotion and ignore terrain costs when traveling along or across rivers
Icon Spain
Icon Tercio Icon Theatre Seven Cities of Gold:
  • Gain 100 Gold font icon Gold whenever you discover a Natural Wonder
  • Culture font icon Culture, Happiness font icon Happiness, and tile yields from Natural Wonders doubled
Icon Sweden
Icon Chemistry Icon Mining Nobel Prize:
  • +25% GPP font icon Great Person points in all Cities
  • Gain Science font icon Science whenever a Great Person is born
Icon Venice
Icon Merchant of Venice Icon Great Galleass Serenissima:
  • Cannot gain settlers or annex cities
  • Double the normal number of Trade Route font icon trade routes available
  • A Merchant of Venice font icon Merchant of Venice appears after researching Optics
  • May purchase in Puppet font icon puppeted cities

Note: Removed in the mod.

Icon Zulus
Icon Impi Icon Ikanda Iklwa:
  • Melee units cost 50% less Quest Gifts font icon maintenance
  • All units require 25% less experience to earn their next promotion