Fruity Wiki is a wiki-based online encyclopedia about the mod NQMod for the video game Sid Meier's Civilization V.

This wiki aims to be a full guide to cover all aspects of playing with NQMod, including detailed information about new and unmodded content, strategy, installation, and related Civilization V modifications. It does not aim to cover meta-information about Civilization V, its expansions or DLC, nor the historical information and flavor information found in the game's Civilopedia—that information is fully covered on the Civilization Wiki.

Fruity Wiki is maintained by active players and fans, and we welcome anyone to join our community, share your knowledge and make this Wiki a better place.

Fruity Wiki policies and guidelines Edit

Disclaimer Edit

Fruity Wiki is not directly affiliated with Firaxis Games, Aspyr, 2K Games, Take-Two Interactive Software or any companies involved in the creation or distribution of Sid Meier's Civilization V. Any images, whose copyright belongs to the said companies or people are used on Fruity Wiki under the United States fair use policy and are for documentation, illustrative or educational purposes. The use of such images on this site for personal benefit is not allowed.

Fruity Wiki was founded by Fruitstrike, the creator of NQMod, who retains administrative privileges on this wiki. However, this wiki is generally regulated by its other admins, and its content is created and edited by the community around NQMod. Content produced, files uploaded and opinions expressed by this wiki's users do not not imply endorsement or knowledge of that content or those files and opinions by Fruitstrike.

Similarly, content about related Civilization V mods and maps (such as HellBlazer's NQMap) or use of their assets does not imply the knowledge of that use or the endorsement of this wiki by their creators.

Any original textual content users submit, excluding user comments, is done under the CC-BY-SA License and may be redistributed or modified by others. User-created artwork may be included in future versions of NQMod, but their use is not guaranteed.

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