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Content & EditingEdit

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Civilization 5 is a big game, and Fruitstrike's NQMod updates a significant portion of it. A lot of content needs to be added to start with. This wiki will ideally become a fully functional guide to playing with NQMod, including changes across each version, comparisons to the unmodded game, and details on parts of the game that haven't been modded (yet). Thats a lot of Civ info, unit stats, and game mechanic explanations to get through. Once thats done it should be easier to periodically update for new mod versions.

The raw information will also need to be edited, correcting errors and making sure articles have a consistent style across this wiki.

Templates & CodingEdit

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Editors will have a much easier job adding content and maintaining consistency with good tools to work with. Creating and updating those tools with Wikia's template systems is just as important as writing the articles that use them. An easy to use template can help an editor efficiently make many similar articles. Another can display icon images uniformly across the wiki - and if they need to be changed a simple edit to the template is better than altering every page with an icon on it.

Have coding experience? You can make even more powerful templates with Wikia's modified version of Lua.

Visuals & ArtEdit

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Creating a visually appealing wiki is important too! Images can help reinforce points made in an article, and icons are valuable shorthand for their counterparts in-game. Anyone with experience in web design and CSS can contribute to the look of this wiki, customizing elements like infoboxes to better display game information. We should keep portable users in mind too, and try to design pages that display well on phones and tablets. Laying the groundwork for a functional and visually appealing wiki early while it is just being built will be easier than an expansive redesign later.

Interesting in contributing directly to NQMod? Check out the Wanted Icons list and upload your icon art under the Community Icons category, it may be selected for use in future versions of the mod!

Community & OpinionsEdit

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This wiki is created by and for the community around Civilization 5 and NQMod. Hopefully it will be become a valuable resource for everyone interested in NQMod, from new players to seasoned streamers. Even if you don't contribute directly to content articles, feel free to ask questions and start discussions in article comments and on the Discussions Forum - about the mod, this wiki, or just leaving a note to say hello and let us know what was was useful or could be improved.

If you are creating content or contributing in other ways, please speak up as well. No article is created in a vacuum - the content, templates, and visuals will all impact each other so share what you are working on and ask for help when there is something you don't know how to do. Creating a consistent style will be an ongoing and collaborative effort. If something doesn't work or could be improved then share your opinion!


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NQMod is used by Civilization players around the world, so translating this wiki can greatly expand the number of people it can help. You can organize translation projects in the community Discussions Forum. Even just translating the changelogs to start with would be very helpful.

If you are interested in starting a translation project, please contact an admin to discuss how wiki translations will be handled (ex. New wiki, translated sub-pages, etc).

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