Hi everyone! I've been working on things here (on and off) for the last 6 months. I want to put down my thoughts on the current state of the wiki, to share some plans and get hope for some feedback.

I'm trying the blog feature for the first time as well - it seems like a good way to separate this type of content from the main wiki pages. I made a similar post on the NQMod subreddit recently - I'll be repeating parts of that here.

Wiki Content

Here's what's fully or mostly complete and updated to the newest mod version:

There has been a nice surge in edits recently (shoutouts to Pikminsteves and ItalinaTie!!!). More sections of the wiki are being worked on and have many finished pages beyond those listed above.

Content on the wiki currently seems sparse, but a lot of work has also been done that isn't visible to the wiki's end user.

Backend - Icons & Templates, Tools to Create

Most of the game's icons have been uploaded and ready to use, including fonticons. Templates have been created to make infoboxes and lists, add editing notices, and streamline page creation. They are valuable wherever content can be reused across multiple pages - who wants to manually type out the markup to each and every page? Anyone wanting to jump into working on the wiki can use these templates and icons to assist with content creation.

Templates are powerful tools - but they have their limitations. Some things can't be done, and other relatively simple things can require complicated markup to create - check out the Changelog's version navbar in the source editor for an example. Learning about wiki markup (wikitext) and templates, I found out there's a more powerful templating tool available...


Lua is a powerful scripting language, and a modified version is available on Wikia as a templating tool. It can more efficiently do the same tasks as wikitext templates, and things that were complicated in wikitext can be simple to accomplish (loops are a godsend). There's been a lot of 'downtime' in wiki updates from me as I've been slowly learning this new tool.

My biggest project is a set of database systems and the functions to process them into wiki content. Databases will hold all the values that would otherwise be manually entered into pages' tables and infoboxes. When a new mod version releases they can be updated and those changes would automatically appear across the wiki.

The databases include each mod release's changes and the unmodded game's values. This prep work for a versioning system means that we may eventually display correct information for whichever mod version the user wants, making the wiki backwards-compatible for anyone using older versions of the mod.

Currently, databases are mostly complete for Civilizations, Policies, Ideologies, and Religions. The Religion pages are already using the new Lua systems to grab and display beliefs. As more of these tools are completed I anticipate a large amount of updates to the wiki.


Some people have expressed interest in translating the wiki. Its a great idea and we are looking into how to introduce multi-laguage support. I'll be making a follow-up post with more details. To summarize, we'll need to decide how to best deliver that content - either seperating wikis by language or unifying them here and making a system to sort it.

Wrapping Up

I believe a lot has been accomplished in the last six months. Its not all visible but the groundwork is being laid for a great guide to NQMod. We still have much to do - if you have any interest in helping out let us know! This is a community effort and all contributions - big and small - are appreciated. Anyone can make edits so you can jump right in. Even if you aren't comfortable editing or don't have the time, you can make suggestions or start discussions.

I've enjoyed working on the wiki and have been learning a lot in the process. I hope that, once everything is up and running, others find it as useful as I believe it can be. Thank you everyone who has checked this project out, and special thanks to anyone who has edited and contributed to the wiki!